I sit here trying to contemplate that very question as I see friends and family depart the world as we know it.  I wrote a while ago about the passing of a generation, those that came before us and have traveled on to their reward.  We are left to ponder why they have gone so soon.  And today that post is even more relevant; for the leaving is not occasional, yet more frequent. T... [More]

Throughout time people come and go in our lives, yet when a person leaves us in death there is a loss that is unrecoverable.  We always believe we could have done more; taken more time to to be with them;  listened more intently; written down the stories and experiences they gave us.   So what does happen when a generation passes? The biggest loss is that of a loved one; someo... [More]

WOW!  I did not think this weekend would arrive – the weekend of the last wedding for my wife and me over the past 13 months – two nephews, one niece, and one brother-in-law’s daughter.  How many miles; how many drinks; how many dinners; how many plane rides; how many rental cars; how many, how many, how many? Weddings are wonderful things – family and friends gathering to celebrate the... [More]

How does one get known in the music industry?  Remember the way it used to be – traveling around from radio station to radio station, city to city, state to state doing interviews; plugging your songs and upcoming shows; leaving a 45 rpm record (today a CD) behind with the disc jockey so they would have the latest songs; and performing live on these 45—60 minute shows. &nb... [More]

Do you wonder what happens to relationships between families when a marriage occurs?  I never gave it much thought until my wife and I have attended three weddings in 11 months, with a fourth one coming in less than 60 days.  Wow; is all I can say.  Marriage brings all sorts of things into play.  What with a ton of decisions to make from dress colors, to gown selection, to brid... [More]

Look3, Festival of the Photograph, Charlottesville, Virginia June 8-11, 2011 If you were wondering what was going on in the community nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains; a collection of internationally renowned photographers converged in Charlottesville, Virginia on the Downtown Mall.  Why you ask? Quite simply to continue what Nick Nichols began many years ago as a gatherin... [More]

It is interesting to me that almost all articles about this new thing “cloud computing” is about the loss of jobs,  telling people they are irrelevant.  I read this article and it didn’t tell me anything new, or anything that any CIO/CFO/IT Director should not already know. Since cloud computing is nothing really new, just take off of the old internal “cloud" and moved into the wor... [More]

The last post talked about the experience of shooting in cold weather and how my equipment acted when the temperatures dipped into the low teens and single digits.  I should have mentioned I was also prepared in the event it was snowing during the shoot; having a cover to protect the camera and lens from an over abundance of moisture. I wasn’t really worried with snow flurries as the ca... [More]



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