Do you wonder what happens to relationships between families when a marriage occurs?  I never gave it much thought until my wife and I have attended three weddings in 11 months, with a fourth one coming in less than 60 days.  Wow; is all I can say.  Marriage brings all sorts of things into play.  What with a ton of decisions to make from dress colors, to gown selection, to brid... [More]

The last post talked about the experience of shooting in cold weather and how my equipment acted when the temperatures dipped into the low teens and single digits.  I should have mentioned I was also prepared in the event it was snowing during the shoot; having a cover to protect the camera and lens from an over abundance of moisture. I wasn’t really worried with snow flurries as the ca... [More]

There will come a time when it is cold outside and you want to photograph a person(s), an event, or landscape.  And I mean cold—not 50°F, or 40°F, or even 30°F; I mean temperatures in the teens and lower, with wind chills below zero Fahrenheit. Have you ever wondered what would happen when you took your gear outside and what would happen when you brought it back inside? ... [More]

Where did the week go?  One moment I was wanting time to fly – as the week came to a close, I wanted time to go slower a little while longer. What can one say when the performances of world class biathlon athletes exceeds all expectations.  Not only were those in the stands delivered a world class performance, the hundreds of volunteers delivered world class service to the athletes, the... [More]

I have to say I was very excited to get this trip going and after talking to some of the folks in Maine about the weather along the route I decided I should start earlier than I had anticipated.  So instead of leaving at 0800 AM, I got up at 0315 (AM) and departed 0400 (AM).  Was I fully awake, I don’t remember,  I do remember putting the remainder of the gear in the SUV, kiss... [More]

Wow!  Everything is moving so slowly – I so want for these few days remaining before departure to disappear.  With the trip closing I got the SUV taken care of yesterday and still have to get myself and the gear ready.  Weather forecast is improving with temperatures forecasted to be in the low to mid-teens with small amounts of snow accumulation under an inch. The forecasters... [More]

It is now IBUWC-Biathlon-10. I am going to Northern Maine, back to my roots, to photograph the IBU 2011 World Cup Biathlon #7 in snow covered, cold, clear sky Presque Isle and Fort Kent located in the very, very northeastern part of Aroostook County, Maine.  The temperatures are zero to minus zero with wind chill factors in below -20°; not too cold, yet just enough to make one get dressed... [More]



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