It is interesting to me that almost all articles about this new thing “cloud computing” is about the loss of jobs,  telling people they are irrelevant.  I read this article and it didn’t tell me anything new, or anything that any CIO/CFO/IT Director should not already know.

Since cloud computing is nothing really new, just take off of the old internal “cloud" and moved into the world “cloud”, all the benefits of old are still relevant today.  More capabilities, less overhead in both physical and staff, and potentially less cost (?). 

Wow!  If all these things were to be true, then I as a CIO would be downright dumb to not go in that direction.  Or, at the very least find out what it really was all about.

What, I think the article should have said is that, as in the past, IT departments need to re-align and re-invent themselves to meet the needs of their companies/customers as they rapidly move toward this cloud oriented model of business – social media; and my information anytime, anywhere, on any device.  This re-invention is nothing new – every IT organization has done it over the years, some kicking and screaming more than others.

As Software as a Service (SaaS) becomes more popular, the IT department’s drive becomes more services oriented, and less about operations.  Quite simply, every user and executive manager believes the “operations” part of their technology is like the telephone company – it is always there, works, and always will work.

It is all the services the base infrastructure allows they are interested in.  It is that direction every CIO worth their salt moves her/his organization toward.  Maintaining legacy applications and systems only places a continued drain on operating budgets, and limits the ability of the IT organization to discover or invent newer, better services that will enhance their companies productivity bottom line.

It is the re-invention of oneself that keeps the fields green and growing, offering more opportunity to show value for the money spent, and to offer true value their company.  If you are there just to say you have a job and paycheck, then you have lost the thrill of discovery and the excitement new direction brings.  It is therefore time to find something else to do.

This goes for all levels of IT, from the CIO to the data clerk and everyone in-between.

Re-invention is what this article should have ended with.