WOW!  I did not think this weekend would arrive – the weekend of the last wedding for my wife and me over the past 13 months – two nephews, one niece, and one brother-in-law’s daughter.  How many miles; how many drinks; how many dinners; how many plane rides; how many rental cars; how many, how many, how many?

Weddings are wonderful things – family and friends gathering to celebrate the creation of a family, and to help start the newlyweds on their way.  Some will complain that they can’t wear what they want, some will be directing others as what to wear, some will be wondering what they are doing, some will wonder why they can’t be in St Louis celebrating a St Louis World Series win – yet all will have smiles on and send the couple off with good thoughts and wishes.

Of course, everyone is looking for the sun to bless the union and to light the way; yet Mother Nature has plans of her own this weekend.  Here it is, just after midnight of the wedding day and Mother Nature has decided that instead of a green wedding, it will be a white wedding.  Do you know how hard it will be to spot the bride in a white dress walking down an aisle covered in snow?  Perhaps the bride will not wear a veil and we will be able to see her.

How much snow will there be in the morning?  What will the temperature be?  Oh, wait!  The wedding is in the afternoon and there should be time for the temperature to rise slightly and the sun to come out and bring warmth to the bride and groom, and to warm the hearts of those present so they may bestow their love and wishes on them.

In any event, it will be a joyful time.  With the birth of a family and the clean white snow providing a blanket of purity and a feeling of beginning for this new family.