I sit here trying to contemplate that very question as I see friends and family depart the world as we know it. 

I wrote a while ago about the passing of a generation, those that came before us and have traveled on to their reward.  We are left to ponder why they have gone so soon.  And today that post is even more relevant; for the leaving is not occasional, yet more frequent.

There should never be the question of why, simply a realization of leaving as being a part of the life cycle.  The real question is how we cope; how we look at life; how we look to the future.  For us left behind the future is bright, should we choose to take it.  There are always other more important things to contemplate and to relish in, if we still have the ability partake in them.

We still have our friends and our families to help us through and to breath life into our self perceived despair.  There is joy abound; we only have to see it.  There are things to do, places to visit, and people to meet.  Why wait, get on with it; get on with life.  See the happiness we want to be a part of; for those who have gone are wishing us on.

It is because I can see the good in the future and the journeys that are yet to be taken, that I smile and look forward to the uncertainty that life will bring.  I see new friends on the horizon and the strengthening of old friendships, new adventures, and new experiences that allow me to love the past and love the anticipation of the future.

Hold fast to your memories; take pride in the past, and look for the adventure in the future!