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It has been a while since I wrote to you, and perhaps too much time has past.  No – there is no such thing as too much time, especially when time passes so quickly.  One minute it was the middle of winter and the next fall is coming just around the corner – from white to golden reds-browns-oranges-yellows.

I was hoping to have tons of photographs to share with you; alas, it is not to be.  Perhaps quality of quantity.  I thought this summer would be full of horse shows, baseball, and perhaps a little country shooting across Virginia.  Did any of that happen – not really, at least not that I can report of any significance.

I did get the opportunity to begin working with the University of Virginia’s non-commercial educational radio station – WTJU91.1FM in Charlottesville.  Aer Stephen, whose show Folk & Beyond and the Zydecajun Conspiracy can be heard every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm, asked if I would like to work with him during his live show and photograph the guests he brought in.  My interest was piqued – what a wonderful chance to actually interact with musicians in a less than hectic environment, and to shoot some potentially close-up photographs.

So this summer, and continuing into the fall, Aer and I have been collaborating whenever he had guests on his show.  Most were passing through on their way to their next show, some were breaking out into a solo act, some had just started out, and one was a jam session created at the last minute.  In fact, one of the groups was on their way to New England and would be playing across the State of Maine, as far North as my home town; and that is at the Northern tip of Maine in Aroostook County.

Thank you Aer, it has been exciting to be there for each one!

Until next time – thx.

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Top Row - Spirit Family Reunion;
2nd Row - Sahara Smith (left), Josh Rogan (right); 3rd Row - Art Wheeler Jam Session;
Bottom Row - Frank Vignola